The Nurs-Family Partnership provides maternal and child health services to women in Chemung County in their first pregnancy less than 27 weeks gestation.  Clients receive health care guidance and education during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby until the child’s second birthday, to ensure healthy outcomes for both mother and child.




 The Healthy Families Chemung County program follows the Healthy Families America model.    Healthy Families serves Chemung County families who are expecting, or who have an infant under the age of three months. Home visitation services can continue until the child enters school or turns 5 years old. The Healthy Families program aims to support families, enhance parent-child interaction, and provide parents with information on child development, nutrition, bonding, discipline, and brain development.  Also, the program makes referrals to other needed services. 


 The Chemung County School Readiness Project is an initiative to ensure that children arrive at school socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally ready to learn. CIDS provides face to face services to the families of infants and preschoolers in Chemung County and also provides child development screenings until each child enters school. Staff make in person or virtual visits to support the health and welfare of infants, toddlers, and their families. They provide both skill-building and parent education curricula, offering a wide range of topics from nutrition to literacy. In addition, they provide timely and effective referrals to appropriate service providers while remaining an ongoing source of support for the participants. 


 The C.I.D.S. Home-Based Crisis Intervention program provides intensive in-home services to Chemung County children aged 5 to 17 and their families.  Utilizing the Homebuilders model, services are targeted to children at imminent risk of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.  The services are designed to be more intensive, flexible, accessible, and goal-oriented than traditional mental health services.  In lieu of removing a child from the home, program staff teaches skills and adds resources to facilitate the development of a positive environment. 

The Community Health Worker provides information, answers questions, and connects women to resources for all areas of health and wellness.

Early Childhood Services Team (ECST)

The Early Childhood Services Team performs developmental screenings of preschool-aged children.  A screening consists of standardized tests assessing vision, speech, language, gross motor, fine motor, hearing, and social development. The team provides counseling for parents regarding developmental issues and refers children for appropriate remediation as necessary.


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